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Professional & Experienced Traffic Lawyers committed to dealing with all aspects of traffic law.

Being charged with a traffic offence, no matter how minor, can be stressful.

Whether you have received an infringement notice and want to elect to have the matter dealt with in court, have been charged with serious traffic offences or are facing a license suspension, having quality legal representation can make all the difference.

Australian Legal Specialists will give you thorough and clear advice as to the strength of the case against you, what penalties the court could impose, the court process and any options that are available to you for keeping your licence.

Our solicitors handle cases at Local Courts throughout metropolitan Sydney, as well as regional NSW.

Because these traffic offences range in severity and if convicted will affect your day to day way of life, it’s strongly advised that you seek assistance from our experienced traffic lawyer who can advise you on the best course of action when it comes to defending your traffic offence.

Our lawyers deal with all aspects of Traffic Law, including:

Drink driving

Drink driving is one of the most serious driving offences which carries mandatory disqualification periods and potentially terms of imprisonment.The offense of driving with a prescribed concentration of alcohol present in the driver’s breath or blood is outlined in the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW).

Drug driving

This covers the offence of driving with the presence of certain drugs present in your blood, urine or oral fluid and also driving under the influence of any drug. These offences carry mandatory disqualification periods.

Unlicensed driving

If someone is caught driving whilst disqualified from driving by a court for a prior offence, they can be charged with this offence. The penalties for this offence can lead to a longer period of disqualification as well as imprisonment.

Speeding offences

Speeding offences be detected by roadside cameras, police officers in their vehicles, and even from the air.The penalties can range from fines and demerit points, to licence suspension, or disqualification from driving and vary in severity depending on how fast the vehicle was travelling, and the size and type of the vehicle.

Licence Appeals

If your licence has been suspended by the RMS or the Police for speeding or drink driving, or you have exceeded your demerit point limit as a provisional driver, you may be able to apply to the Local Court to have this suspension lifted or varied.

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